Hi, we are Lifely! The Uncool Digital Agency from Amsterdam. Together with 25 colleagues, who also happen to be happy nerds, we work on complex problems that we solve with modern technology. We are growing fast, and are looking for new colleagues that are a perfect match for us.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you’ve only just left school, have a decade of corporate or other experience behind you or are financially independent thanks to a stroke of luck on the crypto market. The people at Lifely are intrinsically motivated, have been engaged in modern technology ever since they were toddlers, set the bar high in terms of quality and are looking for a club of techies.

We like things to be transparent, and are always happy to share our challenges

Team growth

This year we will be growing by 60%. 
How can we safeguard our nerd and quality culture?

Team responsibility

How do we create autonomous, flexible teams?

New home

We are almost bursting at the seams! 
Where will we find a new location in Amsterdam?


How do we design our processes in accordance with the
“Lifely way” for challenging customers?

About Lifely

When we talk about technology the first words to come to mind are generally Machine Learning, Tesla or IoT. As a result, we often forget the genuine IT challenges faced by normal people. Because they work at companies that generally run on Excel files, where everyone spends entire days doing repetitive tasks and where the legacy systems are incapable of communicating. This is what Lifely excels at: solving real problems and making work more fun, smarter and more efficient. And if Blockchain or AI is an absolute requirement for this, we will do precisely that.

We are the uncool digital agency, a club of 25 happy nerds that help companies with digital transformation. Using advanced technology, we design and build in-house digital solutions and tools. Every day, more than 150,000 people in all branches of industry use our products. This includes the Ministry of Defence, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and a huge number of SME market leaders.